Leaving property to your children and loved ones can be an easy process if you plan ahead and work with an attorney who understands the conveyancing process. Taking initiative now and planning ahead will help minimize any conflict between your children or loved ones and put everything in place.

I am real estate attorney Peter Kubota and I work with clients throughout the Big Island. My clients include individuals, business owners and farmers, and I have a successful track record handling a wide variety of real estate claims. As a native Hawaiian, my clients greatly benefit from my experience on the Island, knowledge of the law and understanding of the real estate market.

My services are particularly useful for those residing out-of-state. I often work with clients located elsewhere and handle all the legal aspects of their case here in Hawaii. In addition to providing quality legal representation, my goal is always to make things as efficient as possible.

Transferring of Property: Conveyance

Deed transferring is not an easy process if you do it alone. As an experienced conveyancing attorney, I know what information is relevant, what information I need to handle the transfer and how to help you avoid legal challenges in the future. In addition to real estate, I handle estate planning matters. This can include planning for conveyancing and title transfers.

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To schedule an appointment, please contact me at 866-439-0403. My office is located in Hilo, Hawaii, and I handle cases across the Big Island.