Real Estate Law Attorney

Hawaii is a beautiful state that has a robust real estate market for both locals and those located in the continental U.S. At my firm, I handle residential, commercial and agricultural real estate matters across the Big Island. My name is Peter Kubota, and I am a highly experienced local Hawaii real estate attorney. I know the lay of the land, the real estate market, and am familiar with market changes and trends.

I work with individuals, business owners and farmers throughout the state, and use my legal knowledge, skills and abilities to help clients with transactions, acquisitions, land use issues, homebuying and more. I offer straightforward real estate advice and swift resolutions to even the most complex legal issues.

Residential, Agricultural And Commercial Property Transactions

I work with clients to complete residential, agricultural and commercial real estate transactions. I advise clients regarding

  • Purchases/sales of real estate
  • Negotiating contracts/leases
  • Development
  • Due diligence review
  • Conveyancing

My experience includes working with individuals seeking to purchase a vacation home on a minimal budget, to clients with multimillion-dollar budgets. In addition to providing advice on transactions, I handle (when necessary) real estate litigation. While I have the skills to handle disputes, I always try to avoid litigation if it is possible and in my clients' best interests.

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Contact me today at 866-439-0403 or complete an online contact form. Located in Hilo, Hawaii, I handle cases across the Big Island.