Attorney For Guardianships And Conservatorships In Hawaii

It is smart to plan ahead for the future for both yourself and your loved ones. For disabled adults and minor children, it is especially important to have a plan in place in the event that you are unable to care for them. At Peter K. Kubota, Attorney at Law, I will assist you in creating a guardianship or conservatorship in Hawaii, and provide the estate planning advice you are seeking.

As a 20-year veteran lawyer handling estate planning and related issues, I understand what it takes to create unique and personalize estate plans that fully protect my clients' rights and assets. I find gratitude in helping people who want to help others and protect their loved ones, and work hard to make sure that any potential challenges are avoided in the legal process.


Guardianships are created for individuals and are considered an excellent estate planning tool. A guardianship for minor children, disabled children and/or adults, and the elderly provides additional protection above what you may have predetermined in your will. You can designate a guardian for them when the time comes that you are unable to care for them. I will explain the type of guardianships you can choose from, like setting up a temporary guardianship, and what each type of guardianship is from a legal perspective.


A conservatorship is different from a guardianship in that it protects money or an asset, versus an individual. If needed, you can establish a guardianship and conservatorship as part of your estate plan. In addition to having a will, this specifies where certain assets will go and how they will be protected after your passing.

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