Business Formation

Business owners need legal advice, even when a business plan is thoroughly crafted. If you work with an experienced business lawyer, you are much more likely to avoid litigation and other conflict. At Peter K. Kubota, Attorney at Law, I offer hands-on legal solutions for my clients and will make sure that their rights are fully protected.

Whether you have already started the process of forming your business or you simply have an idea, I will walk you through all legal considerations and steps that need to be taken to incorporate and form your new business.

My name is Peter Kubota, and I am a highly knowledgeable Hilo business formation lawyer who serves clients on the Big Island in Hawaii. I am a local attorney who knows the area and local businesses and have a proven reputation in the community.

Determining The Right Type Of Entity

I handle a broad range of business law issues, from business formation to succession planning. As a business owner myself, I completely understand the stress and issues that can arise in planning a business or effectively running one.

I commonly answer questions from business clients such as:

  • I'm working with investors, how does this affect the situation?
  • How should I craft my partnership agreement?
  • Are my business goals aligned with legal goals?
  • How do I create effective employment agreements?
  • Whom do I consult to help with employment documents and training manuals?

Choosing the right entity for your business is an extremely critical step in the legal process. Over the years, I have helped people with limited liability company (LLC) formation, corporations, partnerships and more. I will help you create a strong foundation and set your business up for success in a way that future disputes can likely be avoided.

Contact An Experienced Hilo Lawyer For New Business Formation

Have questions about forming your new business enterprise? Call me at 866-439-0403 to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas, your legal options and how I can help. If you prefer, you can complete a short online contact form.