Business Contract Lawyer

Contracts are a part of virtually everyone's lives. For business owners, contracts are particularly important. A poorly drafted contract can cause significant issues and have costly legal fees for fixing the issue. At Peter K. Kubota, Attorney at Law, I work to avoid conflict by carefully reviewing and drafting business contracts that fully meet my clients' needs.

My business law practice is focused on helping the needs of business owners throughout the Big Island. My name is Peter Kubota, and I have 20-plus years of legal experience and am a local Hawaiian. I am also a business owner, which gives me invaluable insight into working with my business law clients.

Looking Out For Your Specific Needs: Personalized Advice On Business Contracts

From contract drafting to contract negotiations, I offer a full range of services for my clients. Having a lawyer's input is crucial to the process of creating an effective contract. I learn all the facts about the situation before providing advice. From learning about the person or entity you may enter into the contract with to how the contract will affect your business, I will help guide you in the right direction.

If you are involved in a dispute with another business owner or individual, I will gladly provide advice about resolving the dispute. I am a skilled and successful negotiator, and will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Please contact me if you have questions or concerns and want to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your business law needs. Call 866-439-0403 or contact me online.