Business Law Attorney

Business owners have ever-changing legal needs. From the beginning steps of starting up a business to advice about succession, having an experienced lawyer on your side can save costs, stress and help your business to flourish.

I am an experienced business lawyer who has worked with clients throughout the great state of Hawaii for more than 20 years. As a local attorney, I know the lay of the land, the business culture and real estate market in several areas of the Big Island. I offer my clients the support needed when a challenging legal issue arises and take a hands-on approach to finding efficient resolutions to legal matters.

Comprehensive Solutions For Business Owners In Hawaii

When you come to me, you don't simply get advice for the one issue you are facing. I look at the entire picture, how I can answer your questions and what you need to help your business now and in the future. I offer a wide range of services for transactions and issues involving:

  • Business formation: I advise on entity selection for corporations or small businesses, employment contracts, employee manuals and advice on starting a local business in Hawaii.
  • Business contracts: I draft, review and amend all forms of business contracts, and can handle dispute resolution.
  • Business succession: My goal is help you develop an effective plan so you can leave your business to your children, partners or others with ease of mind knowing that you have a good succession plan in place.

Many small businesses do not last long, and in many of those situations it is because business owners do not get the advice they need, from the very beginning. My advice to you is to take the time needed to talk with an attorney. I can identify the best legal approach to take to help your business or business idea, and get you on a path to hopeful success.

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Contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business or real estate needs. My firm is located in Hilo, and I accept cases throughout Hawaii. Call 866-439-0403 or send me an email online.