Asset Protection Attorney

Liability protection, whether it's for a business or your own personal assets, is crucial. Taking small steps and working with a lawyer to protect your assets before they are threatened or there is conflict is well worth your time and your money.

At Peter K. Kubota, Attorney at Law, I represent clients throughout the Big Island in real estate, business law and real estate law. I focus my practice in few legal areas so I can best help my clients with their needs. I am an experienced asset protection lawyer and am committed to providing my clients with relevant, direct legal advice.

Asset Protection

The way you structure your business or property ownership can protect your assets from creditors in the future. Whether you are using LLCs, limited partnerships and other entities, or other title options, it is important you get the right kind of advice from your attorney.

It can make the difference whether you keep or lose your property in the case of a lawsuit. As you know, often the more you own, the greater a target you are for financial predators. When working with me, I use a variety of asset protection measures to provide you with the level of protection you desire and are willing to invest in. The time to structure your asset protection plan is before, not after a claim arises.

Asset protection can be used in many different arenas, including areas of elder law. Regardless of the unique or specific nature of your needs, I will help you achieve your goals.

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