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Being an attorney is only one part of my life. While it is a strong focus, I am fully committed to my community. I believe in giving back to the great state of Hawaii and am proud of the accomplishments I have achieved.

On Being An Effective Lawyer

My goal in estate planning and in general business matters is to take care of all of your legal needs, in the simplest, most practical, and cost-effective manner that accomplishes your goals. I will not "oversell" you more than you need by convincing you that you need a big, fancy Mercedes-like estate plan when you really need a good, reliable Toyota to take care of your needs.

Every client's situation is different, and having the ability to meet one-on-one, not in a large seminar with a high-pressure "closing room" setting, allows me to focus in and help you to customize your plan to be exactly what you need. No more, and no less. A good lawyer is a practical, honest lawyer who can explain things in a way that you can understand. We don't need to speak in fancy language or draft really long and complicated documents to show you how smart we are. We need to give you the confidence that we have taken your issues off of your shoulders, made sensible recommendations to take care of them, and given you back a sound estate plan in good order.

On Being Charitable

We are blessed with so much. We are fortunate to live with wonderful people on the most beautiful island, in the nicest state in the country, in the greatest country in the world. How lucky we are! We have a duty to take care of our community, to help others while we are here, and to make a difference while we live on this Earth.

I speak with each client about the importance of charitable giving. Throughout our lives, we all help out different charities and organizations, whether it is a nonprofit, church, school or sports club. When it is time to raise funds, we all know how difficult it is to ask your family, friends and neighbors to buy tickets or to make a contribution.

On Leaving A Legacy

We were all born on this Earth with a purpose. Sometimes it is difficult to find that purpose, but if you seek it out, you will find it. During our time here on Earth, we are just caretakers of this land, shepherds to our children. Find some way to leave this Earth a little better place than when you arrived. It may be through raising wonderful children and sending them off to carry on your legacy, or by helping others, or by volunteering in an organization to make a difference. Charitable giving may be one way of leaving your legacy.

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